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Speaker selection skills
Edit:    Click: 2529  Date: 2016/9/30

For the initial understanding of a pair of speakers can be used "concept, weigh, knock, recognize" the steps to identify: a concept of technology, the weight of two weigh, three boxes, four brand recognition.
A view of the process is from the appearance of the first speaker to determine the quality of the time and the pros and cons: the use of natural wood Seiko built speakers of course the best, many astronomical world famous Extreme speakers, including Italy's Chario (Jolie) Guarneri Homage (name piano), but such a good box due to environmental protection, lack of resources processing technology is difficult, long time and other factors, will not be popular as everywhere "Rejoice" shampoo, the price certainly can not be low. Therefore, the common speakers are MDF MDF surface coated with a thin layer of veneer to do: decorative real leather Seiko exterior speakers, especially as acid, bird eyes, pear, walnut, Zhennan, red rubber And other rare veneer, the natural wood grain visual effects excellent, smooth and comfortable feel. In particular, symmetrical butterfly pattern real mosaic by the multi-layer coated polished piano lacquer, most of them can be regarded as high-grade boutique speakers, counterfeit goods rarely. With PVC (Sapele) plastic coated leather box is a big road goods, although the fine workmanship, the best can only be considered middle and low goods. And wood-grain paper veneer decorative box, although it looks very much should pay attention to the box behind the leather seam and speaker installation bit digging process is accurate in place. Fake and shoddy products are generally not pay attention to these details, which can be a little heart to judge correctly.
Second, weigh the weight: good speakers are mostly 18 ~ 25mm high-quality MDF particle board to create high-end flagship speaker is based on red sandalwood, yellow grapefruit and other solid wood or multi-layer composite plywood to build, so the weight is amazing. Often a pair of speakers on the net weight of fifty or sixty kilograms. Middle and low-grade goods mostly used by the soft texture of particleboard, fake and shoddy products with poor quality paper, so the weight is generally lighter. Audio industry often "experts to see the quality, lay weigh the weight of" say, heavy speakers certainly better than the light speakers. But to alert the poor businessmen at the bottom of the body of silt cement weight increase in order to deceive consumers.
Third, knock box: with the knuckle box around the upper and lower front and rear baffle, the cabinet surface are issued by the solid and slightly Cui Xiang, I feel solid and thick plate material, the internal support of a number of root reinforcement, box structure Reasonable, strong, a variety of noise and anti-wave measures such as the effect. The kind of box processing costs are high, difficult, and therefore very few fake and shoddy products. Such as the use of knuckle box issued by the "puff, pop," the air ring, indicating that the plate is too thin, poor quality of materials, irrational structure. And there is no sound-absorbing material or ribs to maintain, resulting in a large number of diffuse reflection and standing wave formation. Buy this speaker, will never get a good replay effect.
Fourth, identify the nameplate: really good speakers have a fast-made well-plated gold or chrome plate nameplate, usually have a nameplate engraved with distinctive trademarks, company, name, origin, the corresponding indicators. Imported boxes are in English such as: Made in xxx or Manufacture and the corresponding trademarks, speaker indicators. If only Designin ... ... (XX design) or vague only a single country name, even in addition to simple and very few stringent indicators of the basic outside not only do not see the origin, but also do not see manufacturers, trademarks are not registered mark . Most of these three non-products are counterfeit, counterfeit suspected. Brand-name speakers pay great attention to brand image and corporate reputation, which is affixed to the standard tag label, refined, the indicators and business name, origin ranging. Some of the nameplate is even made of thin gold plated 24K gold, the top of the font there is a sense of concavity. Product not only the date of manufacture, production serial number, and even matching number and with the ID card. For such speakers, as long as the price is reasonable, generally can be assured selection.
With technical indicators to determine the pros and cons
Above mentioned, the finished speaker is generally affixed to the back of a technical indicator: nothing more than the speaker's frequency range, sensitivity, load power and impedance of several. Sensitivity which is the most important indicator of the speaker, to a large extent determine the box should be matching what kind of amplifier, how much power to push to push and so on. Most of the sensitivity of hearing-class home speakers are in the 86-92dB between the same amplifier, at the same volume (such as the volume spin to 10 o'clock), the higher the sensitivity means that the greater the sound, speaker pairs The amplifier power requirements and requirements will be lower. This is what people often say: This is good to push some of the speakers. Many commercial OK Hall with professional speaker sensitivity are more than 100dB, no wonder many people feel to OK hall sing karaoke OK sound very good, and effortless can get a lot of volume. But you can not think that the higher the better the sensitivity, in fact, more than 92dB sensitivity of the speakers are relatively light cone, a thin metal basin, PP pots and the like, will lead to power harness control damage, thus Resulting in thinner sound quality, partial Liang, partial exaggeration, partial tough, less a lot of music and details of the charm. Not suitable for HI-FI Kam hearing. And many sound thick and soft and full of musical taste of the brand-name speakers are generally less sensitive, such as the British trump card ATC, Italian pianos, Zhuoli and other top speakers of the sensitivity of only 82dB. Such speakers are often extremely difficult to wait, the need for great output current giant amplifier before allowing it to work in the ideal linear region, the price will not be small.
Another most important indicator is the frequency range. For example, the quality of a new home compass Xinke Compass bookcase frequency range is 60Hz ~ 20KHz ± 2.5dB, 60Hz that the speaker in the low frequency direction of the extension value. The lower this figure, the better the low-frequency response of the speaker: 20KHz that the speaker can reach the high-frequency extension value. The higher the number, the better the audio characteristics. The suffix of ± 2.5dB indicates that the above-mentioned frequency range of the size of the distortion, the smaller the distortion, the frequency response curve will be relatively flat. Some speakers are marked with a distortion of ± 3dB, and their frequency range should be wider. Some speakers do not indicate the index, frequency extension will become very wide. For example, the compass on the first box if not indicate the distortion control in plus or minus 2.5 dB range, the frequency range can be marked as 40Hz ~ 23KHz. It should be noted that it is meaningless not to mark the frequency range of the distortion. If the manufacturers knowingly, can only be suspected of its motives, deliberately bullying consumers, but also that the speaker is not standardized indicators, manufacturers of their products lack of confidence, it is difficult to reassure people to buy.
Load power is a reference indicator of the speaker, with the number of watts to indicate that the indicator does not explain the quality of the speaker is good or bad, but for the matching power amplifier to provide a reference basis: for example, a pair of speakers carrying power marked 10 ~ 200W , That is to say to promote the amplifier required for at least 10W with more than the output power, but avoid using more than 200W amplifier for full power output. Otherwise there may be burning box of concern. In general, the family will not have to push the fixed speaker of the worry, only good good to push, push the bad bad issue, 200 watts of the following bearing power on the use of the average family is much more than not deliberately pursue too high .
There is also an indicator of impedance is the impedance value, generally 8Ω for its nominal value, the vast majority of the divider shelves box impedance values ​​are 8Ω, multi-unit multi-frequency ground seat speaker also has 6Ω, 4Ω. The smaller the impedance value, the greater the current that needs to be driven, and the higher the power required for the amplifier. In my opinion, the best choice for home speakers 8Ω impedance is better with the amplifier.
Identification of Subwoofer
Subwoofer speaker directly determines the frequency response of the speaker range and the merits of the bass. From the speaker cone design, the current market, the main "dialysis cone", "adhesive tape cone", "bullet-proof material braided basin", "wool woven pots" and "CD film" and other materials. "Penetration cone" has the advantage of low cost, the disadvantage is that power is too large bass appears boring, and poor durability; "adhesive tape cone" also has the advantage of low price, durability is slightly better, the same is not suitable Do high-power use; these two types of products targeted in general lovers can, but definitely not professional. "Bulletproof cloth fiber woven pots," the advantage of strong bass, rock, percussion performance quite prominent, suitable for high-power amplifier in the main speaker use, the disadvantage is that the production process is complex, the price is not cheap; "Wool Pot "is the advantage of soft music and other soft music is ideal for positioning in the range of use in the bass, the disadvantage is the performance of the bass is not strong enough, the sense of intensity is also less;" CD film "is the emergence of a new product on the market, as a comparison Excellent bass speaker material, it is in all aspects of performance for all to see, but not as many manufacturers have been accepted, so the speakers do not use this speaker.

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